What do we mean by our Corporate Plan?

The Corporate Plan, adopted by Full Council in September 2014, sets out our vision for the future and the specific ways in which we, as a District Council will both lead and contribute to the achievement of this vision. The Plan guides and influences the ways our services are planned and delivered. It describes the priorities on which the Council will focus and sets out what kind of an organisation the Council will be in achieving success.

Basing our Plans on the principles of the Balanced Scorecard, we are able to measure our success, published through our Annual Performance Plan. The Corporate Programme accompanies the Plan setting out the priority projects to be delivered.

Annual Performance Report 2018

The Annual Performance report, presented to Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 11 June 2018 can be downloaded here:

Corporate Programme update 2018

The full report presented to Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 10 September 2018, can be downloaded here:

To see a snapshot of achievements between April 2017 and March 2018 check out our Corporate Programme 2018 update video

Previous update videos can be found on the Council’s YouTube channel