Sign up to access Council Tax and Benefit online services and access your account – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Council Tax and Benefits

With your Council Tax and Benefits online account, you can

  • Switch to paperless billing
  • View your account summary
  • Check your balance, instalments and payments
  • View and download your notices.

In receipt of Housing Benefits or Council Tax Reduction, you can also: 

  • Switch to paperless notifications
  • View and download your award notices
  • Check when and how much your next Housing Benefit payment will be  
  • Check what information the Council has used to calculate your entitlement  

Business Rates


If you receive housing benefit payments direct, with a Landlords account you can

  • Switch to paperless notifications
  • View multiple tenants Housing Benefits awards
  • Check the claim status including whether a claim is live or suspended
  • Check the date of your next payment
  • Check and download details of payments made, including any recovery of overpayments
  • View and download notification letters

Accessing your account

You will need to be registered for a My Rother account to access this service:

You must add the Revenues and Benefits service to your My Rother account in order to be able to view your details online. Once you have accessed your account you will then need to register for paperless billing and notifications.

Before you access the Revenues and Benefits service you will need your reference number. 

Your Council Tax account number is 8 digits and starts with a 3, this is found at the top of your bill.

Your Benefits reference number is 7 digits and starts with a 5 or a 6, this is found at the top of notifications sent to you.

We will then check your identity against the information we hold about you on our system. 

You will be able to view your account online straight away if the details match.

If your details do not match our records, you can request a pin number. Your pin number will be posted within five working days.

Frequently asked questions

For further help and advice on registering, and to view some frequently asked questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

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