The Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) Scheme is designed to help people who need additional financial support with their housing costs.

It is extra money that the Council can pay on top of the claimants normal Housing Benefit (HB) or Universal Credit (UC) entitlement if it considers that extra help is required. 

In order to apply you must be in receipt of HB or the housing element of UC.

The DHP scheme can also be considered for rent arrears or moving costs in certain circumstances. If you require help with rent in advance or a deposit payment please contact

The Council considers that the DHP scheme should be primarily seen as a short term emergency fund. It should not be considered as a permanent way around any current or future entitlement restrictions set out within the Housing Benefit legislation. There is a legal limit on the amount Councils can pay in Discretionary Housing Payments each year for people in their area. This means that not everyone who claims will receive a payment. Rother District Council will operate the DHP Scheme so that those they consider most in need will receive a payment.

If you would like further information on Discretionary Housing Payments please contact us on 01424 787000 or email

You can complete the online form by clicking below.

You will need to provide the following information to support your application, otherwise your application will be delayed:

  • Your bank statements for all accounts held covering the last 2 months, these must be consecutive.
  • Your most recent Universal Credit award, we need to see all pages of your award.
  • Rent proof, we will also need confirmation from your landlord of any rent arrears, this could be in writing, or your most recent rent statement. Please be aware that if your application is for rent arrears then any award will be paid to your landlord.
  • Your tenancy agreement may also be needed, especially if you have recently moved in and your Universal Credit award has not yet been updated.

Please note the easiest way to complete this online form is by using a tablet, PC or laptop.

If you have any difficulties completing this form please make a note of the reference number and contact us on 01424 787000.

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