Rother District Council is introducing a daily waste collection in Bexhill town centre (Mon – Fri) starting Monday 1st July 2019.

The daily collections are being introduced on Devonshire Road, Devonshire Square, Sackville Road, St Leonards Road and Western Road. This new service is to help residents with limited access to waste storage manage their waste more easily and actively contribute towards keeping the town centre clean.

Existing seagull sacks can continue to be used providing they are removed from the pavement immediately after collection. Any seagull sacks left permanently on the street will be removed.

How the daily collections will work…

  • Presented for collection outside your property by 7am (Mon-Fri).

One of the main reasons for daily collections was to give residents more opportunities to place their waste out just before collection rather than waste being left out in the open at anytime of the day causing spillages, litter and  an unpleasant sight. Please help us by placing your waste out as close to 7am as possible (before).
Please do not place it out the night before. By having collections Monday to Friday we hope this makes it easier for you to put your waste out on the same day by 7am ready for collection.

  • Placed in strong heavy duty waste sacks.

Ideally double bag your waste especially food waste to discourage animals and seagulls scavenging. Always tie a knot in the sack to stop waste spillages. If you have an existing seagull sack you still need to place your waste into separate waste sacks, do not place waste loose into your seagull sack.

Please do not…

To help make daily collections work effectively there are a few things we must ask residents to help us with.

  • You must not put waste sacks out on the street after 7am and during the rest of the day.

 This will be viewed as fly tipping (illegal dumping of waste) which is an offence for which you can be fined. Waste is collected daily so keep it indoors and put it out the next day (Mon-Fri) before 7am (preferable between 6.30am – 7am)

  • You must not present small bags of waste i.e. carrier bags or small bin liners.

Please take extra care to bag your waste and place it into strong waste sacks to make it more difficult for bags to be ripped open. Small bags like carrier bags will be ripped open easily and can be blown down the street in windy conditions.

  • You must not put waste out at the weekend (Saturday & Sundays)

The daily collection service operates from Monday to Friday but not at the weekend. Please remember to place out waste on Friday morning by 7am otherwise keep it indoors over the weekend until the following Monday. Waste placed out over the weekend will be seen as fly tipping which is an offence for which you can be fined.

How to recycle…

  • Recycling collections will remain fortnightly using pink sacks*. Please present for collection outside your property by 7am on the day of collection. Do not place out the night before. Please visit when is my bin day for collection arrangements.
  • Please help deter scavenging by washing and rinsing your recycling to remove traces of food
  • Visit our website to see what materials you can recycle using your pink sack
  • Use the nearby recycling points at Parkhurst Road and Sainsbury’s car park

*Pink sacks can be collected from Rother Town Hall, Town Hall Square, TN39 3JX.

Working together to keep the streets clean

Seagulls and scavenging

Like many seaside resort towns Bexhill has seagulls which become more active and aggressive in summer. As a protected species the best way to manage these birds is by keeping the streets clear of food waste. This is why it is important that you present your waste as close to 7am (before) as possible, this will help limit the time food waste is out in the open.

A seagull sack can be used for your waste collection but only if you are able to remove it immediately after collection. Any Seagull sack left on the pavement after 9am will be removed.

It helps to double wrap any food waste to make it harder for animals and birds to get to. The easier it is to find food in waste sacks the more animals and birds will see waste sacks as an easy source of food and attack them.

Commercial waste and fly tipping

Shops and businesses in Bexhill town centre are required to manage their waste appropriately and arrange for its removal through a commercial collection. The daily collection service is for residents only, any evidence of shops and businesses putting out waste for this service will be investigated.

All waste must be presented in a sack or existing seagull sack. Residents / landlords must not place bulky items such as mattresses or furniture out for collection as part of the daily collection service, this will be seen as fly tipping. Please take bulky items directly to the nearest tip (Pebsham) or arrange for a bulky waste collection. Rother offers a bulky waste service to residents. If you arrange a bulky waste collection please place the items out as close to the collection time as possible, keep all paperwork so you have proof that you are disposing of your waste correctly.