Rother District Council strives to support local businesses in our district. We have a diverse range of businesses across our urban and rural areas, which we recognise have a differing needs. We want our local businesses to grow and be successful and we aim to provide support in the form of useful, relevant information, helping businesses to make worthwhile connections and providing funding opportunities.

  • For businesses located in the Rother district we have monthly Business Alert emails highlighting new event and opportunities that may be of interest. To sign up to receive these please go to Business Alerts.
  • We will be highlighting 4 businesses on their path to net zero, over a period of 4 months, in 4 sectors as a series of case studies.
  • We reach out to business at the end of each year to monitor how you are doing and any issues you are facing, we use this information to advise our work programme. Links to the survey will be through the Business Alerts.

For more up to date information effecting businesses, follow out socials in the bottom right of this page.

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