Northeye Proposal 21.04.2023

Rother DC fully understands the concern and distress that the proposal to use the Northeye site as asylum seeker accommodation is causing. Along with our partners we are jointly doing our best to protect local interests.

  • The use of the Northeye site for asylum seeker accommodation is a proposal at this stage and a final decision has not been made by the Home Office.
  • The Home Office have not yet completed on the purchase of the site and are currently carrying out contamination investigations.
  • This is not a Rother DC owned site and the proposal is not a Rother DC proposal.
  • The decision as to whether the proposal progresses will be taken by the Home Office and consent from Rother DC will not be needed or sought.
  • Rother DC is working with local partners (East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and the NHS) to share issues and concerns about the proposal.
  • The Council is also in contact with the Local Government Association and the other local authorities with large sites.
  • Discussions have been held with the Home Office and we will continue to press for answers to the issues raised during those meetings.
  • We are aware of the legal steps being taken by Braintree DC and West Lindsey DC following the Home Office decision to utilise Wethersfield (Braintree) and Scampton (West Lindsey) for migrant accommodation. 
  • The Council is currently considering all options, including legal options, should a decision be taken to move forward with the Northeye proposal.  We will also consider the implications of today’s ruling on the Braintree application for an injunction once we have seen the full transcript and taken legal advice.
  • In the meantime we are stressing the importance of engagement with local residents and groups to the Home Office and will advise them to ensure that all views are heard.

Published: 24th April 2023

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