Graffiti removed from local communities

UNSIGHTLY graffiti has been removed from locations across Rother.

The graffiti was removed from walls, bridges and street signs in several areas, including Camber and Bexhill.  

Community Wardens from the Rother Environmental Health team coordinated the graffiti removal.

Two Community Wardens work across the district supporting local communities and monitoring and maintaining the look and feel of the area for residents. They tackle anti-social behaviour, such as graffiti, and provide a reassuring presence to residents. 

Cllr Kathryn Field, portfolio holder for environmental management at Rother District Council, said: “Graffiti is unsightly and can impact negatively on residents and the feelings of pride people have in their local area. When graffiti is not removed, it can seem that no one cares and that nothing is being done to deal with the antisocial behaviour.

“Our Environmental Health Community Wardens do a fantastic job patrolling the district, spotting and removing graffiti so that we can all enjoy more pleasant surroundings.”

Rother District Council is responsible for removing graffiti from all public buildings, signs, street names, statues and monuments and council-owned street furniture such as benches and lampposts.

The Community Wardens also offer helpful advice to home and business owners about removing graffiti from private properties and businesses. 

Other organisations such as East Sussex Highways, the Environment Agency and National Highways are responsible for removing graffiti from the property they own or control.

Any graffiti can be reported via the council’s website, and the details will be passed to the relevant organisation.

More information, including how to report graffiti and who is responsible for removing it, can be found at

Information about anyone who is putting up graffiti can be reported to Sussex Police by calling 101 or via

Details can also be passed to the police anonymously through the Crime Stoppers’ free phone number, 0800 555 111, or online at

Published: 14th February 2023

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