Council committed to stalled roundabout project

Council leaders have reaffirmed their commitment in improving an important gateway into Bexhill.

It comes amid frustration over stalled plans to revamp Ravenside Roundabout after more than two years of planning and negotiation.

A lack of progress following negotiations with roundabout owners – National Highways, has forced the council to divert the £150,000 Bexhill Local Community Infrastructure Levy that had been set aside for the project to pay for other schemes in the town.

Cllr Doug Oliver, leader of Rother District Council, said: “We find ourselves in an extremely frustrating situation. Officers have worked tirelessly to get the project off the ground, but their efforts have been hampered not least by the presence of an invasive plant.

“With so many other ongoing projects in the town requiring funding, and the timescale for the Ravenside roundabout scheme relying on National Highways, we took the difficult decision to use the money for projects that are progressing.”

He added: “We are absolutely committed to this project which is why it remains in our capital programme.  The roundabout’s unkempt appearance gives a very poor first impression to visitors and action needs to be taken. As soon as the roundabout is clear and we are in the position to move forward, we will look for funding.”

National Highways have said that the invasive plant – Horsetail, can only be removed by their contractors and Rother District Council officers will continue to liaise with them to encourage them to carry out this work as soon as possible.


Published: 5th August 2022

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