Bexhill recognised as a Tree City of the World

Following a successful application by Rother District Council, Bexhill has been recognised as a Tree City of the World for 2023, joining over 170 towns and cities globally that have received the accolade.

The Tree Cities of the World programme recognises cities and towns committed to ensuring that their urban forests and trees are properly maintained, sustainably managed, and duly celebrated.

The application to become a Tree City arose following participation in the Trees for Cities’ ‘Forgotten Places: Greening Coastal Towns and Cities’ project which began in 2021. The aim was not only to enhance green spaces and improve air quality in coastal areas, but also to offer local residents training to build their environmental knowledge and learn tree-related skills that are relevant towards the green sector. Through this initiative, Rother District Council was able to commission Treeconomics, in partnership with Forest Research, to create the Urban Forest 1066 assessment and subsequent Tree Planting Strategy for Bexhill. With the help of many volunteers, by April 2023 over 200 trees had been planted on Bexhill streets, 1500 whips at Bexhill Down, 38 trees at Sidley Rec and 9 trees at Southlands Open Space.

Councillor Field, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environmental Management said:

“Bexhill’s recognition as a Tree City of the World follows much work by the Council, its partners and many dedicated local volunteers to assess, protect and enhance tree cover in the town. Amongst other advantages, trees sequester carbon, provide habitats for nature, reduce air & noise pollution and encourage outdoor recreation which improves health and wellbeing. These climate, nature and health benefits make trees important assets for improving quality of life for our communities.”

Further information on tree planting projects can be found on our dedicated webpage: Trees – Rother District Council

Published: 2nd October 2023

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