You will find information on the different types of Licence you may need, and the relevant fees and application forms on the pages below.

Licensing policy

Applicants are advised to read the Council’s Licensing Policy, before submitting an application.

Responsible authorities

If you are not applying online through the website, you must send a copy of your application to all of the following responsible authorities.

Premises licence review

Where problems associated with the operation of a premises and its failure to meet the licensing objectives then application may be made by Interested Parties, as defined under the Act, or Responsible Authorities for a Review of the Premises Licence.

There are not currently any premises licences under review.

Voluntary and community events

If you are visiting our pages because you are organising a community event, you might also find The “Can Do” guide to organising and running voluntary and community events useful. This guide has been created by the government to take the confusion out of running an event.

Outdoor events

If you are planning on holding a concert or outdoor event then please also read our Guidance for Outdoor Events.


A licence is no longer required to hold a play between 8am and 11pm if the audience is no more than 500.

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