On receipt of your registration we will send you an acknowledgement email with a range of information and links. While awaiting your first inspection you may wish to display a Food Hygiene Rating sticker of “Awaiting Inspection”. If this is the case, please contact us and we will send one out to you.

One of our officers will then carry out your first food hygiene inspection. The officer will carry out a visual inspection of the premises, discuss your food handling practices and ask to see your Food Safety Management System. This includes any checklists or procedures you have or a completed Safe Food Better Business (SFBB) pack. It also includes monitoring, training, traceability and pest control records where applicable. You will receive your Food Hygiene Rating after the inspection, if eligible.

Food hygiene inspections are generally carried out unannounced when your business is operating. However if you are running your food business from your home, we may contact you to make an appointment to visit.

For more information on what to except during your visit please visit our Food Inspections page.

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