Obviously all premises are different, but there are some general structural requirements that all food businesses should adhere to:

  • All surfaces should be clean and easy to keep clean. This not only relates to your work surfaces but also your walls, ceilings, windows and doors.
  • You need to have adequate washing facilities, including hot and cold water and separate sinks and hand wash basins.
  • You need to have adequate ventilation, this can be as simple as opening windows or a ventilation system, remember this must be able to be cleaned.
  • You need to have adequate lighting, either natural or artificial.
  • You need to have adequate drainage.

The Food Standards Agency have produced the Starting Up booklet,  which is a great starting point for new businesses and can be downloaded from their Starting a Food Business page . This booklet is a simple guide to the regulations and gives you practical advice on how to make sure you comply.

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