Development and Site Allocations (DaSA) Local Plan


Development and Site Allocations (DaSA) Local Plan


The 'Options and Preferred Options' version of the Development and Site Allocations Local Plan (DaSA) and its accompanying Sustainability Appraisal Report was made available for a 10-week public consultation between 12 December 2016 to 20 February 2017.

Representations received during the public consultation can be found here.

The DaSA will form Part 2 of the Council's new Local Plan and develops the spatial strategies and core policies set out in the 'Core Strategy', which represents Part 1 of the Local Plan.  It reviews existing site allocations and development boundaries and, at this stage, puts forward options and preferred options for allocating specific areas of land for particular uses in line with the development provisions of the Core Strategy.  It also puts forward more detailed policies where these are needed to provide guidance for the effective management of development in relation to key issues.

Potential development allocations are not included within the DaSA Local Plan consultation where areas are designated as Neighbourhood Plan Areas. Further details on Neighbourhood Plans can be found here: Neighbourhood Plans

The full document, which is very large, together with a version that has been divided into sections, is available to view and download under Related Documents below.

Next steps

All comments received as part of the 'Options and Preferred Options' consultation will be considered and will be used to inform the next stage, which is production of a 'Submission Version' of the Plan. That will also be subject to a further consultation period, currently planned for spring 2018. The latest timetable for the production of the Local Plan documents can be found here: Local Development Scheme.

Supporting documentation

The DaSA is supported by a number of supporting documents including (see Related Documents below):

Sustainability Appraisal of Development and Site Allocation (DaSA) Local Plan - Options and Preferred Options
Strategic Gaps Background Paper
North Bexhill Landscape and Ecological Study (Report 1)
North Bexhill Appraisal and Recommendation of Development Options (Report 2)
Green Infrastructure Background Paper Addendum
Employment Sites Review Background Paper
Water Efficiency Background Paper
Site Assessment Methodologies Background Paper
Rother and Hastings Playing Pitch Strategy
Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Background Paper
Other background evidence, notably that which was prepared for the Core Strategy, may be viewed here: Background Evidence.

Also provided below are reports received from the promoters of a site off Spindlewood Drive, Bexhill. These are published to assist the consultation process, but have not been formally considered by the Council at this point.


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