Who can apply?

Organisations who may apply include:

  • Charitable organisations
  • Clubs and societies with a constitution e.g. playgroups and sports clubs
  • Community Interest Companies/Organisations (CIC/CIO)
  • Company limited by guarantee that has tangible social objectives
  • Town and Parish Councils
  • Voluntary and community groups or residents’ associations with a formal constitution

Who can’t we fund?

  • Any statutory organisations, including schools
  • Churches/faith organisations purely promoting their own faith
  • Families
  • Grants to individuals, national charities, or private businesses (only Community Interest Companies and Community Enterprises)
  • For-profit companies, that benefit the directors or shareholders of the company
  • Groups that have no formal constitution
  • Political organisations

All projects receiving funding must meet the needs of Rother residents and have significant community commitment to the aims of the project e.g. Local Action and community consultation.

Types of Eligible Projects

The types of projects that will be eligible for Rother grant aid are:

  • Acquisition of public open spaces or woodland for conservation
  • Community activities that promote social inclusiveness (excluding repairs, maintenance and alterations to community facilities, and excluding ‘one-off’ events)
  • Community transport
  • Environmental improvements in towns or villages
  • Heritage and arts initiatives
  • Pre-school activities
  • Playgrounds
  • Playing fields and sports facilities
  • Rural car parks
  • Village Halls/Community Centres
  • Youth facilities/clubs

What can’t we fund?

  • Projects that are not delivered in Rother
  • Projects that do not provide a service or benefit to Rother residents
  • Funding to continue projects and services already established
  • Projects that do not demonstrate where the community has identified a need for a project/scheme (evidence of community support for the project will need to be provided)
  • Medium and large grants cannot be used to fund events
  • Feasibility/research studies
  • Retrospective applications
  • Capital projects over £300,000
  • Projects that do not demonstrate sustainability over the medium term
  • Salaries/consultancy fees/expenses to those who may be involved either directly or indirectly with the project
  • Projects where funding should have been provided for repairs, maintenance and alterations (we will consider applications for major repairs on their merits) – Please note: if your project includes the replacement of property, vehicles or equipment you will need to provide evidence as to what you are replacing, the age of the property, vehicle or equipment you are replacing, together with proof of invoices and minutes to demonstrate the maintenance regime that has been in place for these items
  • Projects/schemes that should be funded by other statutory bodies/agencies

For guidance as to whether your project meets the criteria, please contact Rother Voluntary Action (RVA)

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