Planning Policy

Planning Policy

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Local Planning Overview

Local Plans provide the basis for delivering the spatial planning strategy of the district and guide future development and change. Find out more about Local Planning Overview
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District Local Plan 2006

This Local Plan, adopted in July 2006, Notice of Adoption and statement of compliance with the NPPF are available to download. Saved policies not superseded by the Core Strategy remain part of the statutory 'development plan'. Find out more about District Local Plan 2006
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Core Strategy

This sets the overall vision for future land use and provides the framework for the scale and distribution of development up to 2028. It was adopted in September 2014. Find out more about Core Strategy
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Development and Site Allocations (DaSA) Local Plan

This document will allocate sites for particular uses in line with the Core Strategy, as well as set out more detailed policies. Find out more about Development and Site Allocations (DaSA) Local Plan
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Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood (Development) Plans may be prepared by Parish Councils (or designated neighbourhood forum) to plan for housing and other development needs in that locality. Details of plans in preparation are here. Find out more about Neighbourhood Plans
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Brownfield Land Register

The Register provides up-to-date, publicly available information on brownfield land that is suitable for housing. Find out more about Brownfield Land Register
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Monitoring including Housing Land Supply and Self Build Register

To ensure its policies are up-to-date and effective, the Council undertakes ongoing assessments and monitoring, with a particular focus on housing supply. Find out more about Monitoring including Housing Land Supply and Self Build Register
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Background Evidence Studies

Reports have been prepared on a number of different subjects in order to inform the Local Plan. Find out more about Background Evidence Studies
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North East Bexhill 'Masterplan' SPD

This carries forward Local Plan 2006 policies BX2 and BX3 for major mixed-use housing and employment developments to the north of Pebsham and Sidley respectively. Find out more about North East Bexhill 'Masterplan' SPD
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