Register your interest in a self-build or custom housebuilding project within Rother here.

Self-build is where an individual, or a group of individuals, purchases a plot of land and design and build a house to live in. They do most or all of the build themselves.

Custom-build is where an individual, or a group of individuals, purchases a plot or plots of land and employs/commissions a builder, architect and, in some cases, a project manager to oversee the build.

If you are interested in building your own home, you are encouraged to enter your details on the Rother Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Register form.

The information you provide by completing the online form will help the Council to plan for the number, location, size and type of self-build and custom-build plots that are needed across the District.

Before completing the online form, please consider the following:

  • The Council invites, in particular, people with a connection to Rother to register their interest, but the Register will not be restricted to those people.
  • While your entry will be very helpful in identifying the demand for land for self-build and custom-build housing in Rother, in accepting people onto the Register, the Council is making no commitment to find or provide registered individuals with self-build or custom-build plots.
  • Equally, you are not making any commitment to undertake a self-build or custom-build housing project.
  • The Register will not be a public document and personal details will be treated as confidential. However, the Council will publish headline, anonymised data (i.e. location, type and/or demand) from the Register annually in its Headline Data Report which can be found under Related Documents below.
  • The Council will not pass identifiable information from the Register to anyone outside the Council without the written consent of the person who registered their details.

Further information

There are many types of self-build and custom-build. The following websites should assist in explaining the different types of self-build and custom-build projects:

What the likely cost will be

There are a number of calculators available on the Self Build Portal Budget Advice page.

That will give you an idea of the cost to building your own home; it is worth noting this will be on top of the cost of acquiring a plot and legal fees. 

If you require any further information, please contact the Planning Policy team by email at

Related Documents

Self-build and Custom Housebuilding – Headline Data Report 2023

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