A number of public toilets across the district closed on a trial basis over the winter months. The decision was taken as Rother District Council faces a £3.8m budget shortfall for 2024/25.

Over the last eighteen months, we’ve been in negotiations to see if the provision of public toilets could be devolved to town or parish councils. There have been some very positive discussions, and some toilets have been taken on by local parish and town councils, but there is still more to be done over the coming months.

The trial came into force on 13th November 2023 and ended on Friday, 1st March 2024. During this time, the Council consulted on the impact of the closures as part of the budget consultation to determine whether the right toilets had been chosen to remain open.

We asked all respondents which of the 13 sites we had kept open during the trial closure should remain open (until other arrangements were in place) or should close and be replaced by another site. There was strong majority support that all the 13 public toilet sites should remain open from all members of the public.

Full analysis from the consultation can be found here (pages 31-39): Consultation report to cabinet 05/02/2024

In response to a number of enquiries, we have produced a webpage containing some Frequently asked questions. This webpage will be updated regularly.

LocationPostcodeLadiesGentsDisabledBaby Changing
Battle MarketTN33 0DRYesYesYesYes
Bexhill CemeteryTN39 5JEYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)No
Bexhill Channel View EastTN40 1JSYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)Yes
Bexhill Devonshire Square (Managed by Town Council)TN40 1EAYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)Yes
Bexhill East Parade (Apr-Sept)TN40 1NYYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)No
Bexhill Egerton ParkTN39 3HLYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)No
Bexhill Little Common Rec (sports fixtures only, by prior arrangement)TN39 4PGYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)No
Bexhill Polegrove Grandstand (sports fixtures only, by prior arrangement)TN39 3EXYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)No
Bexhill West ParadeTN39 3DTYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)No
Camber West Car Park – Old (Apr-Sept)TN31 7RBYesYesYesYes
Camber West Car Park – New (Apr-Sept)TN31 7REYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)Yes
Camber Central Car ParkTN31 7RHYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)No
Rye Lucknow Place Car ParkTN31 7LPYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)Yes
Rye Station ApproachTN31 7ABYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)Yes
Robertsbridge Car Park (Managed by Parish Council)TN32 5NPYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)No
Rye Harbour (Managed by Parish Council)TN31 7TUYesYesYes (Radar Key Required)Yes
Winchelsea Town – disabled public toilet open to all usersTN36 4EXYesYesNoN/A
Winchelsea Beach – disabled public toilet open to all users (Apr-Sept)TN36 4LXYesYesNoN/A

Report a Problem

From time to time, vandalism, abuse or inappropriate use of facilities can occur in public toilets. If you see or witness any vandal damage or abuse, or have any information regarding any incidents, please call 01424 787000. Calls will be treated in the strictest confidence. Alternatively call the Police on 0845 60 70 999. Your help in keeping our toilets in an acceptable condition is much valued and appreciated. Thank you.

For any other enquiries please call 01424 787000 or report an issue using our online form.

Disabled Facilities

Accessible public toilets for disabled people can be accessed using a RADAR key.

RADAR (The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation) has now merged into Disability Rights UK, and they coordinate the National Key Scheme. Buy your genuine RADAR key from Disability Rights UK. You are advised not to buy a cheap copy from elsewhere as it may not work.  

Please click the button below to access our list of Accessible facilities within the Bexhill area.

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