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Battle Town Council has requested that Rother District Council, as the principal council, undertakes a community governance review to consider Battle Town Council’s electoral arrangements, specifically in terms of the number of town councillors. This is considered relevant for the following reasons:

  1. Battle Town Council currently comprises only 10 Councillors out of a requirement of 17. The filling of the vacancies have been promoted via various media without success. This has implications on the level of commitment required by the remaining Members but also has a severe impact on BTC’s potential to adopt the general power of competence. To qualify for the general power of competence, in addition to a qualified Clerk, there must be 2/3rd of Councillors elected, not co-opted.
  2. Following the Boundary Review of Rother District Council in 2016, the Local Government Boundary Commission for England made consequential changes to the warding arrangements for Battle Town Council which come into being from May 2019. The current four wards, Telham, Netherfield, Marley and Watch Oak, will be replaced by two wards Battle North and Battle South, each returning 10 and 7 Councillors respectively.

Battle Town Council is suggesting a revised arrangement of 13 Councillors, a reduction of four Members, which it believes is an achievable number under the new warding arrangements.

Whilst Battle Town Council understands the effect of The Rother (Electoral Changes) Order 2016 will be to replace the current four wards with two, it has suggested that those two wards are sub-divided further to create four wards. The four wards will broadly replicate the current warding arrangements, save for two amendments indicated in blue on the accompanying plans. The changes are proposed to ensure the community identity is retained and electors feel properly represented. 

As a consequence of any proposed subsequent amendments to the ward boundaries, there shall also need to be an identical amendment to the polling districts. The current electorate for each of the polling districts in Battle Town Council is:

Telham: 439
Watch Oak: 2,464
Marley: 1,719
Netherfield: 658

It is anticipated that the proposed amendments to the polling districts shall have a very limited effect on the current electorate figures.

Rother District Council has resolved to carry out a community governance review specifically relating to the electoral arrangements in respect of the Town of Battle.

Do you have a view? If so Rother District Council would be keen to hear it. Please send your comments to: Surrey Hills Solicitors LLP, either by post to 296 High Street, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1QT, or by email to,uk. If you would like to convey your thoughts by telephone please call 01306 877592.

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