From 4th January 2022, we are pleased to offer pre-application advice to guide applicants before a formal application is submitted. (Downloadable application forms will be available from late December 2021 and uploaded onto this website).

A summary of the service you may expect is set our below:


In instances where you have paid for a meeting, to enable us to provide you with as much detailed advice as possible we ask you to submit drawings and any other background information that you may have available at least two weeks before the meeting.

For major or complex schemes, where we may need consult other people before advising you, we will require the information further in advance. For these schemes we will let you know when we will need the information when we make the appointment.

Meetings will normally be held virtually. However a meeting at Rother Town Hall may also be possible where appropriate.

One meeting per enquiry is the normal limit. However, additional meetings may be added for a commensurate additional fee.

Site Visits

For some pre-applications a site visit is included in the fee. However where this is not the case or additional site visits are considered necessary these can be arranged for an additional fee.

Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs)

For larger, more complex schemes, it is strongly recommended that you enter into a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA). Rother’s PPA Charter can be attached from this link: Planning Performance Agreements

Pre-application fees

Our pre-application fees are in the process of being revised. For more information please contact the Planning Business Unit at:

Further pre-application advice

The Environment Agency provides pre-application planning advice on issues such as flood risk, assessing flood risk, groundwater protection and contaminated land.

Natural England also provides pre-application advice through their Discretionary Advice Service and standing advice.

The Highway Authority now operates a similar advice system.