Rother District Council is the Addressing Authority and hold official confirmed addresses. The naming of streets and numbering of properties in the Rother District is a statutory function of the Council. All new developments or re-developments need to be named and numbered.

The primary purpose is to create addresses, with consistency which can be located quickly in all situations, but particularly in an emergency. Any development or proposed name change which would require an address to be created or amended must be applied for and confirmed through the Street Naming and Numbering process.

We will try to accommodate your wishes, but all proposed addressing must conform to the Council’s Street Name and Property Numbering Policy 

Once an amendment has been made we will email applicants a copy of the official notification of the address change or creation to indicate that the application process is complete.  The notification is sent to all statutory authorities and agencies including Fire and Emergency Services.  Please note, we do not inform agencies such as personal banking services, insurance services and utilities etc. this will be the responsibility of the applicant.

The Council also erects and maintains street nameplates, which is a separate service to street naming and numbering and further details can be found here.


If you have any questions relating to this service please contact our Street Naming and Numbering team by completing our online Contact Us Form.

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