The Examiner, Mr John Slater, invited representatives to take part in discussions at the Public Hearing on 28 September 2017. Those individuals are noted in section 4 of the Agenda for the Public Hearing below.

Each of the representatives submitted a formal Statement in advance of the Public Hearing. The statements can be viewed below.


Salehurst & Robertsbridge Parish Council

5.a) S&R Parish Council Response to SRNDP Examiners Questions Final

Rother District Council

5.b) RDC hearing statement final

5.b)1 RDC hearing statement Appendix 1 – flood zones re current application

5.b)2 RDC hearing statement Appendix 2 – Extract from SHLAA 2013

5.b)3 RDC hearing statement Appendix 3 – Hodsons Mill Flood Zones

5.b)4 RDC hearing statement Appendix 4 – EA letter 30.7.17 re current application

5.b)5 RDC hearing statement Appendix 5 Housing scenarios

Environment Agency

5.c) EA Salehurst and Robertsbridge NHP Examination Public Hearing Written Representation

5.c)1 EA HodsonsMill_1in100Depths_DesignPlan

Diocese of Chichester

5.d) DofC Highway Access Position Statement – Land at Fair Lane – Sept 2017 FINAL

5.d)1 DofC Appendix 17050_100_Access Plan

5.d) Diocese of Chichester revised Access Plan – Option 3

Devine Homes

5.e)1 SRNP Examination Q1

5.e)2 SRNP Examination Q2

5.e)3 SRNP Examination Q3

5.e)4 SRNP Examination Q4

5.e)5 SRNP Examination Q5

5.e)6 SRNP Examination Q6

5.e)6i SRNP Examination Q6 Robertsbridge Illustrative Layout

5.e)7 SRNP Examination Q7

5.e)7i SRNP Examination Q7 2013 DHA Landscape Report on Robertsbridge

Hodson’s Mill Limited

5.f) Hodson’s Mill Ltd Final 140917

The Rector and Scholars of Exeter College

5.g) SRNP Hearing – Response from Turnberry Planning Ltd[2]

5.g)i Appendix 1 – Mill Site Objection Letter – Turnberry (21 July 2017) – Final

5.g)ii Appendix 2 – Comments from ESCC[1]

Helen Flanagan

5.h) Salehurst & Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan Examination Written Statement (H Flanagan) 28-09-17 Redacted

Owners of land at Heathfield Gardens and Mountfield Estate

5.i) S&R NP response from Strutt and Parker

On 6 October 2017, the Examiner published his Post Hearing Notes, including a reference to an email received following the Hearing from one of the participating representatives.

The Examiner then invited Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council to review and revise the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report.

Further correspondence with the Examiner.

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