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The most efficient way to submit a planning application is electronically via the Planning Portal.

Alternatively you can download and print the appropriate paper application form the Planning Portal.

If you apply using a paper copy we will require one copy of all forms and plans.

Please note information provided on the application form and accompanying drawings and documents will be made available on the internet.

Planning Application Validation Checklist

The information required to make a valid planning application comprises:

  • mandatory national information requirements specified in the General Development Procedure Order, including a Design and Access Statement where one is required;
  • the standard application form, and
  • information to accompany the application as specified by the local planning authority in their local list of information requirements

Please see the latest Planning Validation Checklist below:

This information as a whole enables the local planning authority to validate an application for planning permission and begin its determination.

What specific information will be essential for any particular application (before it can be registered) depends on the scale and type of that application. The type of information and the thresholds for such information are set out in the List.

The supporting information required with an application should add to the local planning authority’s understanding of the development scheme that is submitted for determination. The information requested and provided should help to explain the nature of the proposed development, its anticipated impacts – positive and negative – and any measures that are proposed to mitigate any anticipated adverse impacts.

Design and Access Statements

In June 2013 the statutory requirements for Design and Access Statement to accompany certain types of planning applications were amended.

Design and Access Statement for Planning Applications

The Council has produced Guidance Notes to explain the current requirements with the Council’s expectations in respect of the requirements and the content of such documents, and a pro-forma to help structure your Statement.

Design and Access Statement for Listed Building Consents

The Council has produced Guidance Notes to explain the current requirements with the Council’s expectations in respect of the requirements and the content of such documents, and a Pro-forma to help structure your Statement.

Assessment of Significance (relating to Heritage Assets)

An Assessment of Significance form is available for applicants and agents to submit with their application

Guidance notes, which show the information to be submitted.

Wildlife Assessment Check

This is a free online tool for householders and small to medium-scale developers who want to undertake a development project to check whether they will need expert ecological advice before submitting a planning application. This tool is not intended for large development projects where formal Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) are required according to EIA regulations.

Wildlife Assessment Check

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