Notice is hereby given that the payments made to Members (Elected and Co-opted) for the year ending on 31 March 2023 in respect of Basic, Special Responsibility, Dependants’ Carers’, Co-optees’ and Travelling & Subsistence Allowances were as follows:

CouncillorBasic AllowanceSpecial ResponsibilityTravel and SubsistenceGrand Total
Barnes, J.£4,697.10£0.00£0.00 £4,697.10
Barnes, M.L.£4,697.10£0.00£0.00 £4,697.10
Bayliss£4,697.10£2,984.21£0.00 £7,681.31
Bird (Resigned 13 December 2022)£3,293.77£0.00£0.00 £3,293.77
Brewerton£4,697.10£0.00£0.00 £4,697.10
Browne£4,697.10£0.00£0.00 £4,697.10
Byrne£4,697.10£2,984.21£0.00 £7,681.31
Carroll£4,697.10£0.00£0.00 £4,697.10
Clark£4,697.10£584.24£0.00 £5,281.34
Coleman£4,697.10£584.24£0.00 £5,281.34
Courtel£4,697.10£0.00£0.00 £4,697.10
Drayson£4,697.10£1,909.85£0.00 £6,606.95
Earl-Williams£4,697.10£0.00 £0.00 £4,697.10
Errington£4,697.10£0.00 £0.00 £4,697.10
Ganly£4,697.10£0.00 £438.75£5,135.85
Gordon (Elected 16 June 2022)£3,710.18£0.00 £0.00 £3,710.18
Gray£4,697.10£0.00 £0.00 £4,697.10
Hacking£4,697.10£0.00 £423.00£5,120.10
Harmer£4,697.10£0.00 £186.00£4,883.10
Jeeawon£4,697.10£2,883.88£0.00 £7,580.98
Kirby-Green£4,697.10£0.00 £361.35£5,058.45
Langlands£4,697.10£0.00 £0.00 £4,697.10
Madeley£4,697.10£584.24£0.00 £5,281.34
Mooney£4,697.10£0.00 £115.20£4,812.30
Norton£4,697.10£0.00 £148.50£4,845.60
Oliver£4,697.10£13,717.78£0.00 £18,414.88
Stevens£4,697.10£0.00 £168.30£4,865.40
Thomas£4,697.10£584.24£0.00 £5,281.34
Brown (Co-Optee)£360.96£0.00£0.00£390.96
Durban (Co-optee)£360.96£0.00£0.00£390.96
Farmer (Co-Optee)£900.00£0.00£0.00£900.00
Miers (Co-Optee)£204.00£0.00£0.00£204.00


  • Basic Allowance recognises the time devoted by all Councillors to their work, including meetings of the Council, Cabinet, Committees and Sub-Committees, representation of the Council on outside bodies, meetings with constituents and all incidental costs such as the use of their private telephones and equipment maintenance, but also reflects an element of voluntary public service.
  • Travel and subsistence are re-imbursement of costs actually incurred.
  • Special Responsibility Allowances recognise the time devoted by those Councillors who have significant extra responsibilities (e.g. leadership of the Council and of political groups, membership of the Cabinet and chairmanship of Committees), but also reflect an element of voluntary public service.
  • Co-optees’ Allowances recognise the time devoted by those co-opted Members who serve on the Audit and Standards Committee of the Council but who are not elected Members of the Council; the Allowances also reflect an element of voluntary public service.
  • Dependants’ Carers’ Allowance is available to reimburse Councillors up to £11 per hour for elderly dependent relatives and up to £9.00 per hour for children in respect of the costs necessarily incurred in making arrangements for the care, other than by members of their own household, of such dependents or children living with them in order to enable Councillors to perform their duties.
  • All payments made are gross amounts which are subject to deduction of tax where appropriate.
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