Councils are required to keep their Members’ Allowances schemes under review. It is also a requirement of the regulations governing the making and amendment of allowances schemes that an independent remuneration panel (IRP) be established to a local authority to review allowances and make recommendations to it.

A new Independent Remuneration Panel was established in October 2022 to review the elected members’ allowances scheme and make recommendations for the allowances to apply for the incoming Council administration in 2023-27.

Specifically, the Panel’s role is to make and present recommendations, on:

  • the amount of basic allowance that should be payable to its elected Members;
  • about the roles and responsibilities for which a Special Responsibility allowance should be payable and as to the amount of each such allowance;
  • whether the Council’s allowances scheme should include an allowance in respect of the expenses of arranging for the care of children and dependants and, if;
  • such a recommendation is made, the amount of this allowance and the means by which it is determined; and
  • on other allowances (i.e. travel and subsistence allowance and allowances for attendance at certain meetings and conferences).

The Regulations require that the Council must have regard to the recommendations made to them by the Independent Panel before making or amending its allowance scheme.

The Panel met in November / December 2022 and reported its findings to Cabinet on 6 February; full Council will consider the allowances at its meeting on 20 February 2023.

A copy of the IRP’s report can be found below.


At the end of each Scheme Year the Council is required to publish the sums paid in that year to each Member in respect of Basic, Special Responsibility, Co-optees’, Travel and Subsistence Allowances. The amounts paid during the 2022/23 year are shown on our Councillor Allowances 2022-23 page.

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