Save time, go online with new e-billing service

New additions to Rother’s online portal will allow residents to access council tax and housing benefit information at a touch of a button.

By signing up for an online account via My Rother, residents can view their council tax bills, payment schedules, look back at previous bills and access their housing benefit information.

They can also select to go paperless and receive e-notifications, rather than letters through the post, and can print bills and information directly from their account.

Cllr Terry Byrne, lead member for Digital Transformation and Customer Services, said: “By signing up for an account, people can reduce the number of times they need to email, phone or visit the council, saving them time and money. They can access their information whenever they need it – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“As well as making it easier for people to find out about their council tax and housing benefits, by opting to go paperless residents can help the environment, help us reduce our carbon footprint, and help the council save money on printing and postage fees and officer time.

“It’s simple and easy to sign up so if you want to save time, go online.”

To request an online account, residents need to sign up to a My Rother digital account, which also enables them to access a range of services and report issues directly to the council.

To join My Rother and set up an online account, visit

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