Get home safely this Christmas – use a licensed taxi

RESIDENTS in Rother are being urged to check their taxi before accepting a ride this Christmas – and ensure they only travel with a licensed driver.

Rother District Council has launched its annual campaign to raise awareness of unlicensed taxi drivers under the slogan ‘No badge, no plate = No ride’

The authority is urging people to check their taxi bears the proper licence plates and that the driver is wearing their photo ID badge before getting into the vehicle.

Licensed taxis have annual insurance checks and twice-yearly mechanical inspections, while drivers must undergo regular medical and criminal record checks.

Cllr Doug Oliver, leader of Rother District Council, said: “As Christmas approaches and Covid remains a real concern, we must all continue to be careful and take the appropriate steps to protect our communities.

“However, if you are going out during the festive season do think about how you are going to get home safely.

“Taking an unlicensed taxi not only takes trade away from our hard-working, bona-fide cabbies but can put you at risk as there are no guarantees that the vehicle is safe to travel in or that the driver is a fit and proper person to carry passengers.

“Please take a moment to check that the taxi you are getting into is a genuine, licensed taxi or private hire vehicle to ensure you have a safe journey home and a happy Christmas.”

Private hire vehicles, which must be booked in advance, bear yellow taxi licence plates showing the car registration number, expiry date and number of passengers the vehicle is licensed to carry.

Hackney carriages, also known as taxis or cabs, have white licence plates and a sign on the roof of the vehicle. All licensed taxi drivers must wear their photo ID while on duty.

Only licensed Hackney carriages are allowed to pick up passengers at taxi ranks or be hailed in the street, so people should be especially wary of any other cars offering this service.

More information on the different types of licensed taxis that operate in Rother is available on our guidance for passengers page

Published: 9th December 2021

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