Be prepared, plan ahead and stay safe this winter

ROTHER residents and business are being urged to plan ahead and stay safe this winter by ensuring they are prepared for bad weather.

Links to national winter weather information and government safety advice is available on the council’s website including what to do if power cuts occur and how to prepare for the possibility of snow, ice and flooding.

Online information details what action to take if the power goes off as well as winter weather and flood safety advice including the emergency assistance available during flash floods.

In addition, the council has contacted residents where possible by email to let them know how they can keep up to date with the latest information and guidance on preparing for winter weather conditions, and asked them to share the information with their neighbours, friends and family.

Sue Prochak, Deputy Leader of Rother District Council, said: “We want to raise awareness of the safety issues associated with bad weather over the winter months.

“Information and advice is available online so residents and business owners can think about their own situation, and plan ahead by making advance preparations to protect their homes and businesses and stay safe.

“If you have vulnerable family, friends or neighbours, please help them register for support, such as Sussex coldAlert and the utility companies’ Priority Services Register, to ensure they can receive information and assistance if an emergency situation should occur.

“We have seen in the past how bad weather can cause large scale disruption across our district and we want to make sure residents are equipped to deal with any severe weather this winter.”

In the event of extreme weather, additional safety information will be communicated via the local media and the council’s social media channels as well as on the council’s website.

Winter weather advice and safety information is available online at

Residents and businesses can sign up to ‘Sussex coldAlert’, the county’s severe weather early warning service, at

Information about the Priority Services Register can be found at

Published: 13th December 2021

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