The VCT is in effect an MOT which incorporates the vehicle inspection that would otherwise have been carried out by a Licensing Officer.  It therefore includes elements such as checking for a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, the cleanliness of the vehicle inside and outside, correct plates are displayed etc.

You will need to present a valid VCT Certificate when your vehicle is first licensed (at which time one of our Licensing Officers will also carry out an inspection).   The Certificate is valid for six months only and, thereafter, your vehicle will need to pass two VCTs per year.  The garage will give you two copies of the Certificate and corresponding Inspection Form; the yellow copies are for your retention and it is your responsibility to send the two white copies to the Licensing Officer.  Failure to carry out the six monthly VCT is viewed very seriously and will result in the issue of 6 penalty points under Rother’s Penalty Point Scheme.

For a list of local garages which are authorised to carry out the VCT, including current prices, please download our Vehicle Compliance Testing Stations. A standard MOT can be provided at the same time as the VCT, if requested. You are recommended to have an MOT carried out the same time as one of the VCTs, as the VCT is not recognised by the DVLA database and you may need the MOT to obtain road tax for the vehicle.

For examples of the VCT Certificate of Compliance and Inspection Form, please view VCT Certificate of Compliance and VCT Inspection Form. For full details on the VCT Testing standards please view VCT Testing Standards.

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