In this section you will find information on the different types of licence required for the use of caravans or camping in the Rother area.

Usually due to planning permission, holiday and touring sites are generally open between 1st March and the end of October. Permanent residential sites stay open all year round.

The development of caravan sites and their physical standards are controlled through planning permission granted for use of land as a ‘Caravan Site’ (the legal term), and the site licensing system under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (CSCDA).

Under the CSCDA all ‘Caravan Sites’ must have a site license issued by the Local Authority. There is no charge for this license. A Local Authority has no discretion over whether to issue a site license on a park with planning permission, but does have discretion over what conditions to apply, bearing in mind Model Standards issued from time to time by the Secretary of State (last issued in 1989).

Caravan sites are periodically inspected by the council to check that the license conditions are being adhered to. Complaints from members of the public are also investigated, with reference to the conditions.

For further information on caravan sites please contact Food and Safety Team on 01424 787550.

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