Rother District Council licences camp sites for holiday use for people staying in tents. The landowner or camp operator must apply for a camp site licence when they offer camping for more than 42 consecutive days in the year or a total of 60 days at any time in the year. The use of the land as a camping site for more than 28 days in total of any calendar year requires planning permission.

As the Country is now following the Governments COVID-19 recovery roadmap HM Government has extended these rights for temporary uses of land, which includes campsites, cumulatively, from 28 days up to 56 days for 2021. This means that a landowner can place tents on land for up to 56 days and will not require planning permission for 2021 only. For full details please visit Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) order 2015.

A camp site licence will not be issued if planning permission has not been granted for this purpose.

Camp site licences are issued under the Public Health Act 1936 and you can view the licence conditions on our standard conditions page. There is no fee for a camp site licence.


The Public Health Act 1936 Section 269 gives the local authority the power to licence camp sites and provides exceptions for seasonal agricultural workers and other specific circumstances, for full details go to Public Health Act 1936 (

Tacit consent

Tacit consent does not apply to Camping Site Licences.

It is in the public interest that we process your application before it can be granted.

If you have not heard from us within a reasonable period, please contact us. You can do this online using the contact details below.

How to apply

You can apply using our online Camp Site Licence form

Failed application and licence holder redress

Please contact us in the first instance.

Any licence holder who wishes to appeal against a condition attached to their licence or has a licence refused can appeal to their local Magistrates’ court.

Consumer complaint

We would always advise that in the event of a complaint the first contact is made with the trader by you – preferably in the form a letter (with proof of delivery). If that has not worked can offer advice on Consumer Protection Rights.

Trade associations

You may find the following organisations useful:

British Holiday and Home Parks Association