People who remain permanently in a hospital (NHS hospital or Armed Forces medical centres), nursing/care home as their main home will not be counted for Council Tax purposes.

If you are a resident in the above for a short time and have a home elsewhere you will continue to be liable for Council Tax.

When is a discount possible?

Council Tax is normally charged on the assumption that two or more people aged 18 or over live in a property.

If there is only one adult living there, they can apply for a single person’s discount of 25%. However, if anyone aged 18 or over moves permanently into hospital or a nursing/care home and without them there is only one adult living in the property, you may apply for the same 25% discount.

When is an exemption possible?

If a property is left unoccupied because the person(s) previously living there has permanently moved into a nursing/care home or hospital, you may apply for an exemption from Council Tax.

An exemption means that no-one has to pay Council Tax for that property.

What is a care home?

A care home can mean a residential care home, a nursing home, a mental nursing home, some sorts of hostel, for example, a bail hostel or other residential accommodation where personal care is provided.

How do I apply?

Please print out the form below and ensure that it is completed and stamped by the establishment. If a stamp is not available, we will accept compliments slips. Return this to the address at the top of the form.

Nursing/Care Home or Hospital Disregard Form

What happens if I qualify?

We will send you an adjusted bill showing the appropriate reduction within 10 working days of receipt of your documents.

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