Who can apply?

Disabled Relief is a reduction in your council tax liability, which can be awarded where we are satisfied that:

  • A member of your household is substantially or permanently disabled, whether by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise and at least one of the following facilities in the property is essential in order to meet their needs;
    1. A room which is not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory, which is used predominantly by the disabled resident and is required for meeting their needs (the room may be used for providing therapy or otherwise); or
    2. An additional bathroom or kitchen (i.e. one which is not the only bathroom or kitchen within the dwelling) which is required for meeting the needs of the disabled resident; or
    3. Sufficient floor space to permit the use of, and use is made of, a wheelchair indoors, which is required for meeting the needs of the disabled resident.

    The room or the wheelchair must also be essential or of major importance to the disabled person’s well-being, due to the nature and extent of their disability.

    If the use of the room by the disabled person does not interfere with its normal use by other members of the household then the reduction may not apply as the household has not lost the customary use of a room.

    How do I apply?

    If you think that you meet these conditions, submit the electronic application form below. We may visit and inspect your property before deciding you are entitled to the reduction.

    Please note the easiest way to complete this online form is by using a tablet, PC or laptop.

    If you require assistance to complete this form then please contact us.

    What happens if I qualify?

    We will send you an adjusted bill, charging you as if your property were in the valuation band below the one the Listing Officer has actually given it.

    For properties in Band A the amount due is to be calculated as five ninths of a band D charge.

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