Levelling Up Parks Fund – Play Consultation

Status: Past

The council has recently benefitted from funding through the government’s ‘Levelling Up Park’s Fund’ which seeks to increase access to quality open space in the most deprived urban areas.

Over the coming months, the funding will be used to deliver some modest enhancements to the public open space at Sidley House on Turkey Road. New tree and hedge planting has already been carried out with a helping hand from children of All Saints Nursery and volunteers from the Community Supporter’s project and this will be followed by some new equipment in the play area, seating and a safe entranceway path for pedestrians.

Three proposals for improvements to the play area are under consideration and local families are invited to vote for their preferred option. As space is restricted, the proposals which include additional equipment and new surfacing are primarily targeted at providing play opportunities for toddlers through to children aged 6. Pedestrian access to the play area from Turkey Road will also be improved. The deadline for voting is 09:00 on Monday 27th March.

Consultation Results

Update 4/4/2023: Residents voted for the Kompan Play proposal (Option 1) which includes a new multi-play incorporating a slide and play panels, a three seat seesaw, a small fire truck for role play and a carousel.  The existing swings and benches will be retained.  The play area will be closed for 4-6 weeks whilst work is being carried out, but the adjoining open space will remain open.

How to Take Part in this Consultation

This consultation closed on Monday 27th March 2023

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