Anti-Poverty Strategy

Status: Past

Our Anti-Poverty Strategy was written after talking to local, regional and national organisations that provide services to deprived communities.

Our vision is to work together, with our local partners, to tackle the symptoms of poverty in order to reduce its impact and enable communities to thrive.

We want to know:

  • Is there support for our approach and proposed actions?
  • What other relevant information or evidence is available from local organisations about poverty in Rother and reducing its impact?
  • Are there any local or regional organisations with an interest in becoming our partner to deliver this strategy?

This information will help the councillors make their decisions on adopting the anti-poverty strategy and carrying out the action plan.

The anti-poverty strategy is not the only work that the council is doing to address deprivation in Rother.  Our housing and homelessness strategy, economic development strategy and Local Plan address poverty and deprivation.

How to Take Part in this Consultation

This consultation closed on Monday 16th May 2022

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