The Rother Joint Action Group is providing funding for youth-related activities and interventions.


  1. Projects need to reduce the involvement of young people in Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and Crime and any impact on the wider community.
  2. Projects can support either young people involved or that could be at risk of involvement.
  3. Projects can support young people as victims of crime or ASB.
  4. Young person generally means – secondary school age from 11 and up to 21 years old.
  5. Applicants need to have access to a constitution, child protection procedures and a bank account in the name of their organisation or group.
  6. Organisations within the public/statutory, voluntary and community sector are eligible to apply for a grant.

The JAG is particularly interested in receiving applications that address the following issues:

  • Engage young people in positive activities
  • Promote confidence and positive aspirations
  • Promote mental health, physical health and wellbeing
  • Promote young people‚Äôs knowledge of what a positive relationship is
  • Address domestic abuse issues for young people
  • Intergenerational projects
  • Provide equipment for young people in temporary accommodation, hostels and new homes
  • Provide financial assistance to reduce barriers for young people to access services and education i.e. copy of birth certificate, clothes or equipment for work or study
  • Provide free facilities for young people to access the internet for homework, complete on-line forms and courses.


All parts of the form must be completed. If they are not you will be unable to submit your application form.

The Joint Action Group (JAG) will require a brief report upon the completion of the project in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the initiative and to determine whether the stated outcome has been achieved. This report should be addressed to the Chair of the JAG.

Please note that the Partnership is unlikely to support further initiatives submitted by you if the stated outcome of another project for which you have been funded has not been met or a timely report has not been submitted.

If funding is granted for a project, and either no evaluation report has been submitted or the project was not undertaken, then a request for the money to be returned will be made.

All applicants will be kept updated on the progress of their application by the Assistant Community Safety Officer.


The eligibility or your applications will be assessed by the Community Safety Team if it is considered to be eligible, it will go to the monthly Joint Action Group (JAG) for further discussion and decision.

Apply for a Grant

Please click the link below to complete the Community Safety Partnership Grant Funding

If you wish to discuss anything further please:

Email: Community Safety
Phone: (01424) 787385

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