The Safer Rother Partnership works with many organisations to prevent and reduce criminal activity and anti social behaviour in our communities.
The responsible authorities (in statute) of the Partnership include Rother District Council, Sussex Police, East Sussex County Council, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, Hastings and Rother NHS Trust and Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust.

The Safer Rother Partnership also works with voluntary agencies, community groups, other public services as well as representatives from the business sector. We work together to tackle crime and anti social behaviour, the underlying causes of crime, reduce the impact of and the fear of crime to make Rother District a safer place to live, work and visit.

If you have an interesting or innovative idea about how crime, disorder or anti social behaviour could be tackled in the Rother District you may be eligible to apply for a grant from the Safer Rother Partnership. The Safer Rother Partnership will also commission specific projects directly from time to time


  • All applications will need to address at least one of the priorities below.
  • Only applications whose outcomes fulfil one or more of the priorities will be considered.

Please read all of the instructions before you complete the form online.

Safer Rother Partnership Priorities

Rother Priorities for 2024/2025

  • Business Crime – Shoplifting, risk of violence and rural crime e.g. theft of farm and large plant machinery and cross border crime.
  • ASB and Youth Crime – by working in partnership with young people to reduce the occurrence and impact of crime, Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and for young people as victims.
  • Drug Related Harm including drug supply (both local and county lines) and the impact on the local community. Including partnership work with drug treatment and support agencies.
  • Domestic Abuse, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and Road Safety continue to be a focus for the Partnership but not as priorities.

Joint Priorities for 2024/25

  • Making the Streets and Businesses safer – Shoplifting, Night time economy, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), Anti Social Behaviour (ASB), Criminal Damage and Serious Violence Duty. 
  • Protecting Vulnerable People – Substance Misuse related harm, Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, Criminal and Sexual Exploitation and victims of Domestic Abuse.


Only applications whose outcomes fulfil one or more of the Safer Rother’s priorities (see above) will be considered for funding.

All parts of the form must be completed. If they are not you will be unable to submit your application form.

The Safer Rother Partnership (SRP) will require a brief report upon the completion of the project in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the initiative and to determine whether the stated outcome has been achieved. Some longer-term projects may require an interim report (you will be contacted if this is the case). This report should be addressed to the Chair of the JAG.

Please note that the Partnership is unlikely to support further initiatives submitted by you if the stated outcome of another project for which you have been funded has not been met or a timely report has not been submitted.

If funding is granted for a project, and either no evaluation report has been submitted or the project was not undertaken, then a request for the money to be returned will be made.


The eligibility or your applications will be assessed by the Community Safety Team if it is considered to be eligible, it will go to the monthly Joint Action Group (JAG) for further discussion and decision.
All applicants will be kept updated on the progress of their application by the Assistant Community Safety Officer.

No purchase order number or invoice will be authorised until the application has been approved.

Apply for a Grant

Please click the link below to complete the Community Safety Partnership Grant Funding Application Form.

If you wish to discuss anything further please:

Email: communitysafety@rother.gov.uk or
Call (01424) 787385

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