Organisations who may apply include:

  • Charitable organisations
  • Clubs and societies with a constitution e.g. playgroups and sports clubs
  • Community interest companies
  • Company limited by guarantee that has tangible social objectives
  • Town and Parish Councils.
  • Voluntary & community groups or residents’ associations with a formal constitution
  • Educational establishments

Applicants must have public liability insurance and an equal opportunities policy, as well as vulnerable adult and child protection policies and procedures (if your organisation works directly with vulnerable adults and/or children) and a volunteer policy (if your organisation employs volunteers).

Applications will not be accepted from:

  • Churches/faith organisations purely promoting their own faith
  • Individuals or families
  • For-profit companies, that benefit the directors or shareholders of the company
  • Groups that have no formal constitution
  • Political organisations

Eligible Coronation Community Orchard projects will involve the planting of 5 or more fruit or nut trees and provide a benefit to a Rother community. A benefit could be engaging the community in setting up, planting, or maintaining the orchard, or giving the community free access to the orchard on a permanent or occasional basis for leisure & recreation, activities & events or to harvest the fruit.

If not fully publicly accessible, the orchard should be accessible to a significant number of people, for example, in the case of schools an orchard can be planted within school grounds where it can be accessed by school staff, students and visitors.

Orchards must be located within Rother and may be planted on either private or public land. Applicants must either own the land, have written permission from the landowner to execute the project, or have a lease of more than 10 years.

The orchard should include fruit trees that can thrive in the UK environment.The number and type of trees chosen must be suitable for the site and sourced from suppliers that meet the Plant Health Management Standard. A list of certified nurseries can be found here: Directory – Plant Healthy

Applicants should demonstrate how their project is accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of age, disability and circumstance, and how it will provide community, wildlife and biodiversity benefits.

Projects must include plans for the establishment and maintenance of the orchard for at least two years after planting.

All necessary consents including planning are the responsibility of the applicant.

The Council reserves the right to amend these guidance notes.

Grant applications are invited for capital costs of between £500 and £5,000.

Eligible grant expenditure includes:

  • Fruit or nut trees from a certified Plant Healthy nursery (a minimum of 5 trees, there is no maximum number).
  • Tree protection (e.g. spirals, canes, cages and fencing).
  • Soil enhancers (e.g. mulch or compost).
  • Equipment (e.g. spades, gloves, tree pruners, benches etc.).
  • Delivery costs.
  • Ground preparation costs.
  • Signage to dedicate the site to the Coronation of King Charles III.

The scheme does NOT fund:

  • Projects that are not delivered in Rother, or do not provide a benefit to Rother residents.
  • Projects delivered by an ineligible group (see “Who can apply?”)
  • Retrospective applications.
  • Salaries/consultancy fees/expenses to those who may be involved either directly or indirectly with the project.
  • Land purchase or rental.
  • Materials, equipment or expenses relating to establishment and maintenance beyond initial planting and set-up costs.
  • Projects which generate private gain or profit making.
  • Minor repairs or routine maintenance.
  • Costs that have already been allocated funding or for which funding has been applied for elsewhere, or for which funding will be sought elsewhere before you know our decision.
  • Activities promoting religious or political beliefs; however, we welcome applications from faith groups for Coronation Community Orchards that are open/accessible to the whole community, regardless of religion.
  • Fundraising activities or advertising costs, events, excursions, publications, and promotional or marketing materials (whether digital or hard copy).
  • Projects that have received funding from other Defra or government grant schemes. This includes if you have applied in the year for the Nature Climate Fund for community orchards, for instance through the ‘Urban Tree Challenge Fund’ (UTCF).

The Council reserves the right to amend these guidance notes.

Organisations applying for a Coronation Community Orchard Grant do not need to show match funding, but it will be useful to show any match funding you have secured. This can be a combination of cash and “in kind” e.g. volunteer time or room hire etc.

Coronation Community Orchard Grants cannot be used as match funding from any other government grant or vice versa.

Successful applicants will be subject to a grant funding agreement with the Council, which is a contract that sets out the terms and conditions of the grant funding. Full terms and conditions will be provided to organisations once an application has been approved. Key conditions include:

  • 75% of the grant award will be paid upon signing of the grant funding agreement, with the final 25% paid on receipt of satisfactory proof of expenditure and evidence that the Community Orchard has been planted.
  • Failure to complete the project will result in a request for repayment of any funding received in full.
  • Should your project come in under the expected budget, a lesser grant payment may be paid than awarded.
  • Rother District Council and the Coronation Living Heritage Fund must be acknowledged in any publicity and promotional material associated with the award of the grant (e.g. signage and in press releases).
  • A short report is to be provided highlighting the changes, benefits or other results that have been achieved by receiving your grant, along with evidence such as photos will be required upon completion.
  • If anything purchased using your grant is later sold, it will be necessary to notify the Council which reserves the right to reclaim funds. 
  • The Council also reserves the right to amend these guidance notes and the assessment criteria.
  • The final grant payment will be paid within 10 days of invoices being provided that match the costs detailed within the application, and photographs are provided of the planted trees.
  • Photographs submitted may be used by Rother District Council in publicity and promotional materials for the scheme and/or wider Council business.

The Council reserves the right to amend these conditions.

On claiming a grant, applicants will be required to confirm the outcomes of planting the orchard, including the number and species of trees planted, the area (m2) covered by the orchard, levels of community/volunteer engagement and whether other expected project deliverables have been met.

After two years, applicants will be required to confirm the outcome of the establishment and maintenance of the orchard, including tree and species survival rates, ongoing levels of community/volunteer engagement, and whether any further expected project deliverables have been met.

For assistance in completing the application form, please contact Rother Voluntary Action (RVA).

Before starting an application, please ensure your organisation and project meet the eligibility criteria, and that you have all the necessary information and documentation required. This includes:

  • Your organisation’s details, including contact details and bank/building society details.
  • The type of organisation you have and evidence of its formal structure.
  • Your organisation’s public liability insurance certificate.
  • Evidence of any current resolution or delegated authority granted to members/trustees authorising them to enter into contracts on behalf of the organisation.
  • The names and contact details of members/trustees or directors authorised to enter into contracts on behalf of your organisation.
  • Images, maps or sketches to show the location of the orchard and details of the current condition, use and access.
  • Evidence of land ownership OR lease (of at least 10 years) OR consent from the landowner to deliver the project.
  • A delivery schedule for planting the orchard (which must be complete by 1st March 2025) and for the ongoing establishment & maintenance for at least two years.
  • Any evidence of support from local Councillors or from the main groups that will benefit from your orchard.
  • Images, maps or sketches to show the layout of the orchard, including the number and species of trees to be planted.
  • A clear project budget setting out each cost identified to complete your project.
  • At least two estimates/quotations for each cost element of your project. Quotes for trees must come from a certified Plant Healthy nursery.

You will also be asked to comment on:

  • How the community will benefit from the project, including how they will access and use the orchard, be engaged in the planting and/or maintenance of the orchard, and/or any additional community benefits (such as how produce will be distributed).
  • How the project is accessible and inclusive to all persons, regardless of their disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief.
  • How the orchard will provide wildlife and biodiversity benefits, and how any negative environmental impacts will be addressed.

Applicants must abide by relevant procurement and equal opportunities policy and legislation.

The Council reserves the right to amend these guidance notes.

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