The Coronation Community Orchard Grant Scheme supports people in Rother to come together to plant and cultivate fruit and nut trees. Community Orchards provide a focal point for community activities whilst improving the natural environment and increasing biodiversity.

This grant scheme has been made available via an award of £49,024.50 to Rother District Council from DEFRA’s Coronation Living Heritage Fund, which seeks to create green spaces and connect communities with nature as a permanent reminder of the coronation of King Charles III, linking with the King’s lifelong support of the natural environment.

Applications are invited from properly constituted, non-profit organisations for grants of £500 to £5,000 towards the capital costs of planting at least 5 fruit or nut trees in a new or existing community orchard. Projects must be completed, with trees planted and grants claimed, by 1st March 2025.

Timeframes for applications and awards

The Grant Scheme is open for applications from Monday 1st April 2024.

The scheme will operate on a first come first served basis and remain open until either all available grant funding has been allocated to eligible applicants, or until midnight Monday 30th September 2024, whichever is sooner.

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. We will assess your application form and supporting documents against the grant eligibility criteria and contact you by email with a decision.

Successful applicants will usually be notified within 28 days of submitting their application.

Projects must be completed and grants claimed in full by 1st March 2025.

These timeframes are indicative and may be subject to change.

Help and Support with Your Coronation Community Orchard Grant Application

Rother Voluntary Action (RVA) supports voluntary and community groups in the district, offering advice on all sources of funding and can assist in applying for grants. Applicants may wish to contact RVA before applying, allowing time for RVA to study, assess and provide feedback before deadline timescales.

Applicants are also encouraged to discuss their project with their Rother District Councillor and Town/Parish Clerk to provide their observations in support of the application. Find your Councillors here.

Advice on designing a Community Orchard is provided in the linked document “Guidance for planning your Coronation Community Orchard”.

Eligiblity, Terms and Monitoring

Please see our Coronation Community Orchard Grant Scheme Eligibility page for guidance

Before you start

For assistance in completing the application form, please contact Rother Voluntary Action (RVA).

Before starting an application, please ensure your organisation and project meet the eligibility criteria, and that you have all the necessary information and documentation required. This includes:

  • Your organisation’s details, including contact details and bank/building society details.
  • The type of organisation you have and evidence of its formal structure.
  • Your organisation’s public liability insurance certificate.
  • Evidence of any current resolution or delegated authority granted to members/trustees authorising them to enter into contracts on behalf of the organisation.
  • The names and contact details of members/trustees or directors authorised to enter into contracts on behalf of your organisation.
  • Images, maps or sketches to show the location of the orchard and details of the current condition, use and access.
  • Evidence of land ownership OR lease (of at least 10 years) OR consent from the landowner to deliver the project.
  • A delivery schedule for planting the orchard (which must be complete by 1st March 2025) and for the ongoing establishment & maintenance for at least two years.
  • Any evidence of support from local Councillors or from the main groups that will benefit from your orchard.
  • Images, maps or sketches to show the layout of the orchard, including the number and species of trees to be planted.
  • A clear project budget setting out each cost identified to complete your project.
  • At least two estimates/quotations for each cost element of your project. Quotes for trees must come from a certified Plant Healthy nursery.

You will also be asked to comment on:

  • How the community will benefit from the project, including how they will access and use the orchard, be engaged in the planting and/or maintenance of the orchard, and/or any additional community benefits (such as how produce will be distributed).
  • How the project is accessible and inclusive to all persons, regardless of their disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief.
  • How the orchard will provide wildlife and biodiversity benefits, and how any negative environmental impacts will be addressed.

Applicants must abide by relevant procurement and equal opportunities policy and legislation.

The Council reserves the right to amend these guidance notes.

Subsidy Control Rules

The UK is subject to a new statutory Subsidy Control regime which came into force on 4 January 2023 and is largely based around the requirements set out in the Subsidy Control Act 2022 (the “Act”).

As part of the assessment of your application, we will need to know whether the grant constitutes a ‘Subsidy’ under the Act. If a Subsidy is present, it will be necessary to follow one of the routes prescribed in the Act for the award of compliant Subsidies.

We may request your assistance in the assessment of Subsidy and in determining the appropriate route to make an award and may ask you for additional information. If you need to provide this information it must be provided within 28 days of the request.

Submitting your application and supporting documents

To get started download and complete an application form

Please submit your completed application form along with supporting documents as attachments in an email to

If information or supporting documents are missing, we will contact you to request this. Your application will rejoin the queue for review based on the date any additional information is received.

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