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Why can’t the garden waste collections be added to the pamphlet for refuse and recycling collections? As we are paying extra for the garden waste service, wouldn’t it be a good idea to let people know when the collection day is? (19/12/2018)


Thank you for your query regarding including garden waste collection dates in the pamphlet for refuse and recycling. We have looked into the feasibility of including this information previously but due to the complexity of adding the additional dates, which are often quite different to the refuse and recycling dates, it proved too problematic and costly. It would increase the number of calendar templates required, thereby increasing printing and administration costs for all the collection services, not just garden waste. To date we have endeavoured to keep the cost of the garden waste subscription to a minimum but for how long this may continue is unknown in view of rising costs and reduced funds.

Rother District Council will be working with a new waste contractor from 29 June 2019 and this will be an opportunity to review all our processes including garden waste subscription service and information included in pamphlets sent to residents.

In the meantime the dates for each person’s garden waste service can be found on Rother Council’s website and this information is sent out weekly to residents who are registered to receive the MyAlerts e-mail. I note that your garden waste scheduled date is the same day as your household waste collection. If you are not registered to receive an e-mail please go to to register. You can also view your collections dates on the website. (20/12/2018)

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