Question 45/18


I telephoned the council and chose the appropriate option. I wanted to speak to someone in planning. I could not get through to anyone at all. I was hanging on the line for at least 10 minutes but to no avail. I think this is totally insane! The council never answer their calls. Extremely unhappy. (28/11/2018)


We are really sorry for the extended wait time you experienced whilst calling us.  Our average time to answer is usually between 2 to 3 minutes however there will be times where peaks in call volumes exceed the number of officers available and it may take us a little longer to answer you.  The best times to contact us by phone is from 8.30 to 11.30am or from 3pm to 5pm.   As your call related to planning you may find our website helpful this is available 24/7 alternatively provide me a contact number and a member of the customer services team will phone you back. (28/11/2018)

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