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When London Road Bexhill is closed for two weeks from 31st of this month, will this affect bin collections? (23/10/2019)


In regards to the road works taking place in London Road, Bexhill the only section where collections will be affected is from St Georges Road junction down to the bend before the junction with Coombe Valley Way. This will only affect the recycling collection (due Tues 6th November) which will need to be done on Friday 9th November when the road has been reopened. The household waste collection takes place the day prior to the road being closed so this should take place on the normal scheduled day.

The short section of London Road and Salisbury Road / Edinburgh Road can be accessed from the Bus and HGV access lane from King Offa junction and therefore waste and recycling can be collected on their normal scheduled days.

The top section of London Road from St Georges Road junction up to Holliers Hill Junction is being closed evenings only for resurfacing so this will not affect any of the collections. (23/10/2018)

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