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Yet again the collection of our bin (brown) has defaulted. This is becoming a monthly occurrence of either the black, green or brown. What is particularly galling is that we pay you extra to have our brown bin/s emptied: so we are paying for a service that is not being fulfilled which, to my simple mind, is surely a breach of contract by you or your contractor? So what, may I ask, can you or are you going to do about it? Someone tasked to supervise the contract? Penalise the contractor when he defaults? Does the current contractor warrant the contract? Can you pursue him for breach of contract? Perhaps the brown bin holders should have a refund? These are six separate questions to which I will appreciate answers and not just an overarching reply. (17/08/2018)


I am sorry to read that you have not received your garden waste collection.

Contract compliance and performance is monitored daily by both Kier staff and Rother officers. Collection round data is examined morning and afternoon, when missed bins are identified and Kier provide a plan to return to collect.

Repeat issues are escalated to senior management in regular weekly and monthly contract performance meetings.

On occasions whole rounds may be missed for unavoidable reasons , for example if a vehicle breaks down or is unable to gain access to a road due to road works or other obstruction.

In the instances where bins are not collected for an acceptable reason, and Kier have not been able to rectify the situation, it may be that an administration recharge will be made against the contractor, dependant on each individual circumstance.

The current contract will terminate earlier than originally intended, on 28th June 2019, at which point a new contractor will have been appointed to provide the waste and street cleaning service.

As set out in our terms and conditions for garden waste, we are unable to offer a refund on missed bin collections. (18/09/2018)

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