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How can it be that a small open space with lovely mature trees and plenty of wildlife can suddenly be destroyed in a day by a gang of workmen without any notice to either the nearby residents or even the council? I refer to the small piece of open land in Collington Park Crescent, up until August 14th maintained by Rother and enjoyed by many. Now saddled with a planning application to build three oversized houses, we are resigned to the fact that we have lost our little park for ever. Can you reassure us that this can’t happen to any of the other open spaces in Rother? (12/09/2018)


The trees that have been removed are not protected and there is no breach of planning legislation.  There is now a planning application for residential development under reference RR/2018/2145/P; full details can be viewed on the Council website and comments can also be submitted.  The land is not owned by RDC.

We fully understand the value of our public parks and open spaces to residents and visitors and have no plans to change their use for public recreation or sell any for other uses.  Where we have recently disposed of public open space, measures have been taken to ensure that their function as public open space continues.  Furthermore, several of our sites are protected in-perpetuity under the Fields in Trust Queen Elizabeth II Playing Fields scheme. (13/08/2018)

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