Question 24/18


Read in Observer today that Collington Lodge were refused permission to convert to flats and stay living in their home. A couple of years ago the Arosa in Albert Road was allowed to close down with 10 rooms to be turned into a home for adults with difficulties, Eves bed and breakfast and Albany House sold as a private houses. There also used to be a B&B at the Sackville which was also allowed to convert to flats as they said it was not a viable business. There are a lot of people doing Air B&B now and we also have 2 new B&Bs … Sea Spray Rooms and Driftwood adding on a few more. Another good reason to allow Collington to convert, is that it would add to housing stock … much needed I thought. Seems unfair to me, please reconsider. These people would like to retire and are stuck as they cannot sell as a going concern. (27/07/2018)


It has to be the case that each planning application is decided on its own merits having regard to the facts of the particular case and planning policies pertaining at the time. This application was carefully assessed by the planning officers before the matter was brought to the full Planning Committee to come to a final decision. The report presented to the Planning Committee acknowledged the wishes of the applicants but also the negative impact on Bexhill of losing good quality tourist accommodation. (31/07/2018)

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