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Looking back to my question, I note that the practice of leaving bins blocking the pavements persists.
Note an article in Rye News regarding the issue for wheelchair uses.

When will RDC instruct the contractor that they are supplying a service and part of it is to return bins in their original spot.


Unfortunately, the curtilage or presentation of some containers are adjacent to or on narrow pavements. Regardless of the property location residents are requested to place containers out for collection only on collection days and to move them back into their property as soon as possible afterwards to avoid blocking pavements.

The waste contractor is required to return the empty containers to the location from which they were collected which is usually the curtilage of each property. Instances when the crew do not return the containers correctly should be reported to Rother District Council waste officers, by sending an email to In order to address the issue effectively , the email must include the date of the incident, property address and accompanying photograph and officers will then be able to raise incidents with the waste contractor to avoid a repeat of poor service.

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