Question 23/21


I have queried that a Planning Notice has been placed down a Private Lane (where only residents are allowed to go) and not where the notices are usually placed on the main Hastings Road so that it is viewable to all of the passing general public. I have emailed the planning department but have not received a response. And the notice is still not available for the public to view. Surely this is illegal and the application be delayed and the proper legal requirement is observed. It is for planning application RR/2021/2542/P. Thank you for assistance. (01/12/2021)


In general, the purpose of a site notice is to alert local people who may be affected by a proposal.

Two site notices have correctly been displayed, one at the site and one at the junction with Hastings Road.  As a result a number of public comments have been received. (02/12/2021)

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