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I note the proposal to exempt the car park in front of the council offices from charges midweek, unlike all other council owned car parks. Whilst I recognise the need for improved parking control/ traffic management in Bexhill, I do have genuine concerns that the increase in charging/ decrease in free parking will have a devastating impact on town footfall and as a result, the local economy. The car park at the front of the council office does however appear to smack of hypocrisy; on the face of it continuing free parking for council staff whilst others have to pay. Can you please explain why charges were not considered appropriate for the Town Hall Square? (12/09/2020)


The parking area in front of Bexhill Town Hall is not currently available for general public use. On weekdays, the car park is primarily reserved for Councillors and visitors to the Town Hall. On weekends and bank holidays, when the Town Hall is closed, the car park is not in use and currently sits empty. The decision has been taken to make these parking spaces available to members of the public during weekends and bank holidays. This will increase the availability of parking for shoppers and visitors to the town. The charges for parking are in line with other Rother District car parks in Bexhill, and this income is used to maintain and manage the car parks. (15/09/2020)

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