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Dear Leader, the portable toilets at Winchelsea Beach have been removed and the toilet block is shut and in need of repair. What plans are there to provide lavatory facilities for visitors to Winchelsea Beach? Thank you. (09/11/2021)


It has been necessary to close the toilets at Winchelsea Beach as the building structure is in need of extensive repairs which are felt not to be cost effective.  In order to continue some visitor provision, Portaloos were installed during the summer months. These have now been removed for the winter season and it is not anticipated at present to have a provision during the winter months.  Council funds are very limited and at the moment we do not have available funds to replace these toilets. The intention is that we work with the Parish Council to see if an alternative ‘community’ provision can be identified through local businesses such as shops, cafes and pubs participating in a scheme that may bring mutual benefits i.e. bring in customers by providing toilet provision. (09/11/2021)

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