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I duly put my black bin out for collection from 7 am on Thursday. It sat there in the blazing heat all day. No collection was made. I reported non-collection online on Friday. The bin sat in the heat all day. It was eventually emptied at 8 am on Saturday morning. Well, emptied of rubbish but not of the maggots that would not have been there if it had been collected on time. This is becoming a regular occurrence. Clearly, the bin men are being overworked if they cannot get around on the allocated day. I have reported mine and my neighbours missed bins at least three times now in the last two months. I am usually told it is because they are running late. However, why not pick up on Friday morning where they left off? It should not be up to residents to monitor whether the bin is emptied to meet the requirement of a report the next working day either. (07/07/2018)


Thank you for your enquiry and I am sorry to read that your bin has not been collected on the scheduled day. Upon investigation it appears that, having missed the Thursday schedule, your bin was planned to be collected on the Friday. However, a waste vehicle driver was not available due to sickness and Kier were unable to find a replacement at short notice. So your collection was completed on the Saturday.

We apologise for the delay and please be assured that Kier will endeavour to have your bin collected on the scheduled day. (24/07/2018)

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