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As Biffa have been fined for lying about what waste they send to other countries, and not for the first time, when will their contract be cancelled? As they were similarly fined previously why were they awarded the contract for East Sussex? (24/07/2021)


Biffa has recently made Rother aware of a court case which has begun between the Environment Agency and Biffa plc concerning wastepaper exports for recycling, which Biffa are strongly contesting.

We would also make clear that Biffa are not responsible for the disposal of recycling materials collected on behalf of Rother and the Joint Waste Partnership contract. This is a collection contract only. Veolia handle the disposal requirements for all East Sussex domestic material whether collected from households or brought by residents themselves to household waste recycling sites (HWRS).

The current waste contract is in place until June 2026 and, in keeping with all service contracts, will not be terminated unless it is determined there is a breach of contract. They were awarded the contract according to EU procurement regulations in place at the time. (26/07/2021)

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